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Credit Card

Upgrade the Way You Have Been Living

People have become more aware of their spending. With credit cards, the charges are already high, so why pay even more? SBI credit card benefits are adding value to banking and shopping. Be it for reward points, travel insurance, or welcome perks, the features will help you get more in your hands.

Visit Our Website

For the first step, you will have to visit our website to explore the options that fit your needs.

Select and Apply

Once you shortlist the credit card you have been looking for, apply for it, and proceed with the further process.

Submit Your Document

One of the most important steps. Now you will have to submit all the required documents digitally.

Enjoy Your Credit Card!

Once your application gets approved based on your eligibility, you will be having your Credit Card in hand.

Easy Documentation, Smoother Process

Required Documents for SBI Credit Card

PAN Card

Aadhaar Card

Driving Licence

Voter ID


Registered rent agreement

Current passport size photograph

Salaried income documents

Self Employed person documents

Salaried income documents

  • Last 3 months' salary slip
  • Form 16 of last 2 years
  • Income Tax Return if any of last 2 Years
  • Last 3 months' bank statement if the salary directly credited in the bank account
  • Certificate of employment from current employer

Self Employed person documents

  • Income tax returns of previous 2 years
  • Statement of finances with a proper balance sheet with profit and loss in that sheet
  • Bank statement with continuity of business
  • GST registration evidence of business

Card to Card Documents

The documents required for a card-to-card application vary, but common documents include:

  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency
  • Proof of Income
  • Applcation Form
  • Authorization to run a Credit Check (if required)

Note : SBI may ask for additional documents based on the applicant’s profile. The above list is for reference purposes only.

Wondering How to Apply? Here You Go!

How to Apply SBI Credit Card

The process of applying for a Credit card can be really daunting sometimes but with ReferLoan you can make the process easy and quick.

  • Visit the website of ReferLoan
  • There you can find the list of credit cards on the top.
  • Choose an SBI card and click on the ‘Check Eligibility’ button
  • You will be prompted with a list of questions
  • If you’re eligible for the card, you will be redirected to the online application page.
  • Fill in all the required fields on the page before clicking on ‘Submit’
  • You will then be asked to upload the documents – do the same and click on ‘Submit’
Net Banking

SBI Credit Card Login for Net Banking

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Yes, SBI Card has an app called SBI Card, which is available on Android and iOS. You can register and view your credit card account details, raise card-related requests, execute transactions, and place requests for other SBI products, among other things, once you download the app.

Not at all. However, a few SBI credit cards allow you to pay off your balance with reward points. SBI Card Prime, SBI Card Elite, and SBI Simply SAVE Advantage, for example, will enable you to redeem reward points against outstanding card balances. You can redeem Rs.1 for every four reward points on these cards.

For applying for an SBI credit card, you should earn a minimum of Rs. 18,000 monthly. However, the higher the wage, the more premium the card is. The customer is always requested to show proof of income while applying for the card. 

The bank may take up to 21 days to complete your SBI credit card application after you submit it, together with the relevant documents. It could take much longer if there are any missing documents or other difficulties with the application. Meanwhile, you can use SBI's 'Track Application' feature at www.sbicard.com/en/eapply.page#track-retrieve-form to track the status of your credit card application.

You can use your SBI credit card to get a cash advance. Your card allows you to withdraw a limit of Rs.15,000 every day. Cash withdrawals are limited to 80 percent of your total SBI credit limit. Accepting a cash advance will result in a monthly finance charge of up to 3.35 percent.

If you are traveling overseas, you must first go to the Main menu in the SBI credit card application, click on “services,” and then click on “manage card usage” under that column, select the transaction type of the SBI credit card from Domestic to International.