Here are a few factors

Rating 4.4 /
Total - 479 ratings
Location PAN INDIA
CIBIL Score 550+
Minimum Salary Per Month 12000/- Per Month
Applicant Age 21 Year to 45 Year
Loan Amount & Tenure 10000 to 4 Lac
(Upto 4 Month)
Rate of Interest (Type) 1.5% to 3% (Fixed)
Processing Fees 1.5% - 2%
Processing Mode & TAT Processing: Online
TAT: 5 Min to 48 Hour
Foreclosure Charges NIL Charges
Part Payment Allowed No
OD Product No
BT+TopUp No
Minimum Job Experience Not Required
Employer Business Vintage Not Required
FOIR 65% of salary
Whether Co-Applicant Mandatory No
USP 1.Funding to All Employee
2. Funding to Minus 1 CIBIL Applicant
Negative Profile 1. NRI Employee
2. Cash Salary
Right Document : Easy Process

Required Documents to Apply for Cashe Personal Loan

  • KYC of Applicant (Adhar Card+Pan Card+Passport Size Photo)
  • Last 3 month Salary Slip
  • Last 6 month Bank Statement in PDF
  • Form 16 of last 2 year
  • Rent Agreement if rented or Utility Bill if residence is owned
  • Sanction Letter of all current running loan if any
  • Office ID Card or Official EMAIL ID if any

About CASHe Personal Loan

Personal loans are a great way to finance the things you want, but may not be easily available through banks or financial institutions. While traditional banks don’t qualify most young salaried millennials for credit, CASHe strategic partnerships with premier lending institutions, and online applications have allowed CASHe to provide personal loans to thousands of consumers across India over the last few years.

CASHe takes pride in the fact that it can help to open up the world of credit for young salaried millennials who were denied credit by conventional banks, offering a faster, more flexible, and less complex personal loan. Conventional lenders often do not trust new borrowers or those with no credit history. CASHe provides you with an alternative to a traditional bank loan, backed by an innovative new credit evaluation system that helps us determine your ability

CASHe Personal Loan Customer Care Details

You can reach out to CASHe India, if you have any queries or require assistance.

Visit Our Website

For the first step, you will have to visit our website to explore the loan options that fit your needs.

Select and Apply

Once you shortlist the loan you have been looking for, apply for it, and proceed with the further process.

Submit Your Document

One of the most important steps. Now you will have to submit all the required documents digitally.

Enjoy Your Financial Freedom!

Once your application is approved based on your eligibility, the amount will be disbursed to your account shortly.

Let us take an example, How EMI is being calculated

Year Principal
Total Payment
(A + B)
Balance Loan Paid To Date
2022 ₹ 15,721 ₹ 2,333 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 84,279 15.72%
Dec ₹ 15,721 ₹ 2,333 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 84,279 15.72%
2023 ₹ 84,279 ₹ 5,990 ₹ 90,270 ₹ 0 100.00%
Jan ₹ 16,087 ₹ 1,967 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 68,192 31.81%
Feb ₹ 16,463 ₹ 1,591 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 51,729 48.27%
Mar ₹ 16,847 ₹ 1,207 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 34,882 65.12%
Apr ₹ 17,240 ₹ 814 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 17,642 82.36%
May ₹ 17,642 ₹ 412 ₹ 18,054 ₹ 0 100.00%
Stay Prepared Before Hitting That Apply Button

Eligibility Of Cashe Personal Loan

Loan tenure In months Loan eligibility
90 days 3 months Up to 110% of net monthly salary
180 days 6 months Up to 210% of net monthly salary
270 days 9 months Up to 310% of net monthly salary
360 days 12 months Up to 400% of net monthly salary
540 days 18 months Up to 500% of net monthly salary

Charges and Fees Related to your Personal Loan with CASHe

Tenure Interest / month APR
90 days 2.50% 30.42%
180 days 2.40% 29.20%
270 days 2.25% 27.38%
360 days 2.25% 27.38%
540 days 2.25% 27.38%
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Social Loan Quotient in cashe personal loan ( SLQ) helps predict your creditworthiness unbiasedly based on your social behavior. Your score is calculated by analyzing various parameters that are unique to each individual. This gives you an overall score that you can use to compare across variables such as age, gender, and education level.

Yes, you can shift your CASHe personal loan midway but only once you pay the first EMI installment.

No, CASHe doesn't ask for collateral while applying for a personal loan.

Absolutely. If your application was recently rejected, or if you feel that there have been some changes in your creditworthiness since you last applied, reapply after three months. CASHe will look into it and decide based on your updated information.

Generally, CASHe offers an instant service in terms of loan clearance. Once your documents are verified, you will receive your loan instantly. Please upload the necessary documents in clear and legible formats to process your loan quickly.

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