About us 

Refer Loan Pvt Ltd. Or in short say" Refer Loan" is a digital platform which works as intermediary between different Banks and NBFC for providing various services in Loans, Insurance, Investments, Credit Card etc. Refer Loan claims to be proudly connected with more than 175+ Financial Institutions for different verticals. In Refer Loan leads are collected through App or Site and Refer Loan team sends them to the suitable financial institutions of the end user choice.
Refer Loan is a recognized Start Up and M/s Durga Finvest Pvt Ltd is the sister concern of Refer Loan.

Vision of ReferLoan

Refer Loan in Short "RL" wider objective is to serve the unmet financial needs of those section of population which is either not covered by Digital Fintech Platform or not satisfied with its uses. RL Ultimate goal is to be as Global Digital Platform and be a Leading Fintech Concern which is the epitome of customer service and standing on a solid and apotheosized foundation of outstanding technology and expert talent pool. Vision of Refer Loan is to be number one Fintech in India in Financial Sector within next 5 year.

Mission Of ReferLoan

RL mission is to gain the trust and confidence of our users through crystal clear communication, reasonable and objective guidance, together with a genuine concern for their long term and comprehensive financial growth.
In RL People usually say, "Compare with anywhere and submit to RL and get best quotation".


We cover almost every financial option like:

1. Lots of LOAN option which provide you finances at fast pace

  • Personal Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Loan Against Property
  • Auto Loan (Car, two-wheeler, Heavy vehicle, Commercial vehicle)
  • Business Loan

And many more loan options available by ReferLoan

2. Choose your INSURANCE which can protect you or your product.

  • Vehicle Insurance (car, two-wheeler, etc.)
  • Health Insurance
  • Mediclaim
  • Life term plan
  • Stock Insurance

And many more Insurance options available by ReferLoan

3. Lots of CREDIT CARD option suits your life style

  • Travel Credit card
  • Business Credit card
  • Entertainment Credit Card
  • Gold /Platinum /Silver Credit card

And many more credit card with all Bank options available by ReferLoan

4. Best INVESTMENT Plans which ease up your retired life.

  • SIP
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Other Investment plans

And many more available by ReferLoan
With all this services ReferLoan is tied up with more then 175+ Banks and NBFCs, with a total of 345+ financial products with a vision of tied up with more Banks and NBFCs and more products.

5. ReferLoan also do provide Information about Subsidy provided By Government of India or Any particular State Government to get full benefits out of it like

  • Subsidy for Women
  • Subsidy for SC /ST or backward classes
  • Central Level Subsidy
  • State Level Subsidy

All the information is provided by ReferLoan as well, check them out will full eligibility. As ReferLoan is a fintech company all the financial service are provided digitally to the applicant without any extra charges.

The Benefits of Applying for finances needs by ReferLoan

  • ReferLoan tied up with more than 175+ financial Institutions, along with 345+ financial products where the end user can get benefited with least Rate of Interest.
  • As ReferLoan is fintech company - all the work is digitally, this means the applicant who is in need of any kind of finances, they need to send their documents via mail or WhatsApp to ReferLoan after submitting the leads even if the Banks or NBFC's working mode is Offline.
  • The applicant will also get the feature of sales after service also - this means if any applicant applied for any kind of Insurance, then ReferLoan will help you disburse with the same.
  • Least Rate of Interest - with fast loan disbursal to the applicant bank account.
  • Full transparency with portal-based login - when you logged in to ReferLoan, a Unique code get generated where the applicant can check the file process.
  • No extra charges or any Fees.
  • Free CIBIL score calculator.

Other benefits with ReferLoan

  • Help other with any kind of finances and earn revenue for yourself
  • Join us as our team - work with us from anywhere in India and earn good revenue.

If you're someone is getting problem while using the ReferLoan app then contact us:

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